Most Northerly Vine/Vineyard

A question that I have been asked on a number of occasions is:

“Will vines grow as far north as ….”

The gist of my reply is along the lines:

The most northerly commercial vineyard listed on the English Wine Producers website is Mount Pleasant, Bolton Le Sands, Camforth, Lancs. LA5 8AD. There is also one listed at Bullerthorpe Lane , Woodlesford, Leeds , West Yorkshire LS26 8AF.

I have heard of vines in Scotland.

So there is certainly some evidence and optimism in the region, but much will depend on the site - if it is a north facing, wet frost pocket I would not be too optimistic; but on a south facing sun trap, who knows…

If you think you have the most notherly outdoor vine in the UK let us know - you will be awarded the Virtual Thule Trophy.

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    Oliver Richardson
    January 8th, 2007 13:29

    Most northerly vineyards
    Carnforth is still the most northerly vineyard, although it is not a commercial vineyard. On the East side, Whitworth Hall at Spennymoor CLAIM to be the most northerly, although they are not taking a crop or producing wine. Bolton Castle in Wensleydale has a small vineyard, though the birds get all the grapes.New vineyards at Helmsley Walled garden and Ryedale (near Malton) are the most north-easterly vineyards- the latter, which is totally outdoor will come into production in about 3 years time.

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    Brendan Gerrard
    May 20th, 2007 23:13

    I have a healthy single vine ( Black Hamburg) in its third year in my garden at Crinan in Argyll. The birds ate the few grapes last summer. It is actuall east facing with some expose to the south. We are by the sea. Anyway quite a sunny spot against a wall and pergola. I fully expect that there will be healthy vines much further north than this.

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    P. D. Carre
    April 10th, 2008 12:04

    I moved to Suffolk 5 years ago from Scotland. I grew grapes in Scotland, in Kinross, Tayside with v. good results. One was Black Hamburg and the other was Chardonay.

    I grew both varieties under glass and also outdoors but with limited success, losing most blossom in the majority of years.
    Under glass was fine with very heavy crops. Some years it was difficult to get a very dark colour on the blacks but the resulting wines were very palatable.

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    Pete Gottgens
    April 20th, 2008 19:56

    Have just completed planting a small vineyard at Ardeonaig in Scotland. Thanks to Jack who has been most helpful and some very good winemaker friends in sunny SA. Who knows what the future will bring………..roll on global warming (well for the vines anyway)

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