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Most Northerly Vine/Vineyard

A question that I have been asked on a number of occasions is:

“Will vines grow as far north as ….”

The gist of my reply is along the lines:

The most northerly commercial vineyard listed on the English Wine Producers website is Mount Pleasant, Bolton Le Sands, Camforth, Lancs. LA5 8AD. There is also one listed at Bullerthorpe Lane , Woodlesford, Leeds , West Yorkshire LS26 8AF.

I have heard of vines in Scotland.

So there is certainly some evidence and optimism in the region, but much will depend on the site - if it is a north facing, wet frost pocket I would not be too optimistic; but on a south facing sun trap, who knows…

If you think you have the most notherly outdoor vine in the UK let us know - you will be awarded the Virtual Thule Trophy.