Sale of vines for planting this spring has now ceased but trellis sales continue.

UK Sales.

To place an order:

  1. Check the prices and availability on one or more of the price pages.
  2. Complete the request form - link below.

This form asks about your requirements. It has been necessary to add a security code test to see if you are human - i.e. to try to discourage ’spammers’ - just copy the code and you pass the test!

Your requirements will then be checked against the latest availability (this includes requests being processed but not yet paid and confirmed) and you will receive an email either confirming your requirements are available or suggesting an alternative if not. The reply will also ask you to confirm the method of payment and your preferred delivery date.

Sales to Channel Isles, Ireland and Continental Europe.

Sales outside the UK are limited to grafted maidens and trellis materials. Please note that a special delivery charge will apply. Otherwise, proceed as for UK sales.

Age of vines

There does not seem to be a uniform system for classifying the age of a vine, so I use the following:

Maiden means a vine that has roots and usually just two nodes (buds) from which to develop a framework. In the case of own root vines the main stem is effectively two year old wood because it spent the first year on an older vine, then year in the ground developing roots. Some growers classify these own-root vines as one-year-olds.
One year old and more  means a maiden that has been grown on for one further year and so on for two year old etc. They normally have two or more stems that can be used as a basis for a framework.
Mature means a maiden that has been grown on for four years or more and often cropped; it may have more than two stems and a fairly big root system.


On the ‘Maiden Vines’ and ‘Specials’ pages, the availability column is intended to flag varieties that are running low on stock - in which case it will report ‘Less than 10′. Normally this column will show ‘OK’ - meaning at least 10 are available and generally rather more. When stock of a variety is all sold or reserved, it is marked as ‘Sold out’.
Items marked with a dash are NOT available this year.

Terms and Conditions

Please see: Terms and Conditions

Vine Prices

The customary choice for a new planting is a maiden vine - i.e. one that is rooted but completely untrained. A very limited supply of more mature vines will be found on the Special’s page. These will be lifted this year and are normally available from early November.

Trellis Material Prices

Trellis material prices are for things that I have found work very easily and well.

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