Used Equipment and Materials

All materials listed on this page have been used but are now surplus to requirements; if it is listed on this page, it is in good condition.

Used equipment and materials are normally delivered separate from vines as they are available immediately. Delivery charge is for a single item; when delivered with other items a delivey cost will be quoted for the total order as part of the confirmation.

Please use the ‘OTHER ITEMS’ box on the Request form to order used materials, and specify your requirements

Vineyard materials

Monofil wire

Monofil: 3.0mm Diameter

Length (m) Price (£) Delivery (£)
- - -
- - -

Monofil: 2.5mm Diameter

Length (m) Price (£) Delivery (£)
- - -
- - -


Pack size Pack price(£) Delivery(£)
- - -
- - -


Note that these clips are of mixed age and therefore of variable quality. In particular there is a ‘normal’ loss rate with clips due to wear and tear and exposure to to sunlight so the failure rate is expected to be higher with these used clips than with new. There may also be a few defective clips and some discolouration because they are not individually inspected when they are removed from the wire. For these reasons a 25% surplus is included with each pack, i.e. a nominal 100 pack contains 125 clips minimum.

Pack size Pack price (£) Delivery(£)
- - -
- - -

The following harvesting, pressing and winery equipment is for collection only on account of its weight or being made of glass. The collection point is approximately five minutes from junction 10 on the M25 (intersection with the A3).
Please see illustrations below.

Harvesting and pressing

Description Quantity Price (£) Information
15 litre Fermenting bins 1 £10 -
25 litre Fermenting bins 2 £12 -
Crusher 1 Sold Vigo latest Link
Press 1 Sold Vigo latest Link

Winery Equipment

Fermenting Vessels: Glass

Capacity (l) Quantity Price (£)
5 3 brown + lots clear DemiJohns £1 each or 6 for £5
10 2 Green Carboys £12
25 3 Green, 1 Clear Carboys £15
50 2 Green Carboys £25

Fermenting/Storage Barrels: HDPE

Capacity (l) Quantity Price (£)
10 1 (with tap) £10
25 2 Brown, 2 White £15

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